Helping to insure your future
We're here to help you obtain all the cover you need for your car, home & life whilst avoiding the tricks salesmen will use to get you to opt-in for cover you do not need.

For many years the financial authorities have tried to simplify the insurance market place to make it easier for customers to compare and understand. The reality even today is that it still remains incredibly complex, no two products are the same (even when they sound the same). Yes, comparison sites have made it easier to compare prices but they do not dive you tips or help.

We aim to...

Firstly, to help you to understand the basic insurance product, be that Car, Home, Life or Travel. Secondly, to prompt you to think about what it is you actually need. Thirdly, we aim to give you helpful tips and hints help see the best overall price and cover offer.

Many people often think that one insurance company’s offering is the same as any other. In reality one car insurance provider could have a very different terms or excesses premiums from another. This is before you take other things into account, like discounts for insuring two cars with the same insurer, black box trackers for new drivers, protected no claims bonuses or free windscreen repair. The devil unfortunately is in the detail and to understand the detail it takes time to familiarise yourselves with the insurance terminology and create a checklist of what you need. Our dedicated help pages are designed to quickly inform you of the things to look out for and what you need to consider before you buy.

Finally, while insurance is critically important we do hope you never need to make a claim.