Taking advantage of black box car insurance

While prudent car driving is your safeguard against risks on the road, it can also save you money by raising your profile with insurers. How? By installing a black box in your car which will be remotely tracking your performance on the road, namely your speeding, cornering, acceleration and braking record. If you consider yourself an excellent driver, then take the opportunity and buy into the so-called black box (telematics) car insurance. Who can benefit the most from such an insurance? All who fall into the high-risk category by default. Hence it is:

Good for young drivers

Remote tracking can be of benefit to all young good drivers who otherwise get "penalised" for their age. Insurers generally assign youngsters to the high-risk group which, consequently, racks up hundreds of pounds more in premiums. A black box in a young driver's car may incur a one-time installation cost but can later earn youngsters an insurance discount after successfully passing the safe driving check performed once every three months or at the end of the yaer.

Good for women

Women in the UK fall in principle in the medium- to high-risk category. Especially after a ruling of the European Court of Justice which banned insurers from taking gender into account when calculating premiums, women are now slated to pay up to £500 more in premiums than prior to its entry into force. A black box in a woman's car can prove the higher risk ascribed by default ungrounded.

Other premium-lowering factors

There are other factors which can prompt an insurer further lower the costs of your black box car insurance. One is lower mileage, another is no night-time driving. Insurers generally reward drivers who do not drive between 11pm and 5am.


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Admiral has been awarded with 5 star rating for their policies and do not have age limit for the drivers. See whether you are eligible for an Admiral insurance, whether you can save up to 25% on your premium on renewal by not driving night-time. If anything is unclear, never hesitate to call the dedicated phone line.

Direct Line is the place upfront discount applies to the first year and there are further discounts based on the results of your test at the ende of the year. Meanwhile the driver can follow up his performance by receiving regular e-mails or installing the app. 

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