Travel Insurance For Seniors: Find Yours!

Who is Age Concern? Age Concern is a UK based charity tailored to help aging and over a certain age individuals. The main objective is to improve the quality of life for older people. Since its establishment Age Concern grew to offer a great variety of products in great help of the elderly people.

Age Concern Travel Insurance

Many travel insurance companies will fail to offer quotes to individuals who are above a certain age limit. Although a lot of people turn to their long hidden passion for travelling when they retire and have more time for it, it is considered a high risk from insurers. This is where Age Concern travel insurance comes to help. It is geared to serve senior travellers who would usually have pre-existing medical conditions or concerns.

What is covered?

24/7 medical assistance for emergencies.

Cancellations and delays – if your trip is cancelled for some reason or the flight is delayed, you’ll be able to claim back your losses.

Baggage and belongings – for when your luggage or belongings get lost during your trip.

Medical and legal expenses

Cover for pre-existing medical conditions – check the list with all pre-existing medical conditions that are accepted.

Free cover for children under 18.

Tips on buying Age Concern Travel Insurance

Single or annual travel insurance – if you expect to go on more than on 2 trips per year, opt for the annual one.

- Check if your personal belongings aren’t already covered by your home contents insurance. If they are and you exclude them from your travel insurance policy, you’ll be saving about 10% of your costs.

- The amount of the excess – if you remove it, you’ll know that in case of an accident everything will be paid for by your insurer. If you want to save money – you can put up the excess amount up but prepare to pay the first parts of any claims from your pocket.

- There is no upper age limit. If you want to save money we recommend that you check quote for Age Concern travel insurance from the age of 50 on.

- There are special discounts for groups of more than 10 people going on the same trip.

- Don't forget to read the small print when signing up for your policy. There might be exclusions on the policy that you may think you are covered for and they are not. For example, bungee jumping or any losses that occurred to you due to intoxication.

Where to buy Age Concern travel insurance?

We recommend you to visit, and These are comparison sites that will draw you the best quotes for your condition and budget.

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