Detailed Guide to Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance for your family and yourself Experienced travellers may tell you that insurance or lack thereof can make or break your holiday. They might probably be right because new environments tend to always have something that can take you aback. Insurance can shield you against any kinds of danger, including loss of baggage, theft, mugging or injury from the sports you adore. Consider single trip travel insurance to derive pleasure from your holiday as planned.

Basics or comprehensive

You have to assess what type of cover you need depending on the type of destination you have chosen and on the activity you are to undertake. If you have opted for a calm holiday in a serene location, you can have just the basics, namely medical treatment, repatriation and baggage.

If, however, you are an adventurer and you are heading to an exotic destination or you are an avid practitioner of extreme sports, then you could opt for the comprehensive cover which will protect you against many more circumstances, such as, say, uninhabitable accommodation or piste closure, cover for as many as 200 sports, passport loss or trip cancellation.

What is covered?

A typical travel insurance policy usually includes the following:

- Medical expenses

- Personal accidents

- Cancellations and amendments 

- Delays and missed flights

- Lost, stolen or delayed luggage

- Loss of valuable items, thefts, etc. 

These are the basics included in all policies, there are free and paid optional extras to consider. 

Free benefits

There are several benefits which you receive with basic and comprehensive cover alike. First, you are entitled to free cover for up to three children aged 17 or 18 and under. In addition, you can speak to a nurse over a medical problem that has struck you while away. The basic insurance adds at no extra cost a cover for a business trip.

Cover span

As a rule, medical treatment covers as many as 50 pre-existing medical conditions, the cap for medical expenses reaching as high as £20 million. When discussing your cover with an insurer, make sure that you mention your age. Some insurers place their age limit to 75-85 years.

StaySure is the specialist insurer for people aged above 50 and it stands out with its coverage of 220 pre-existing medical conditions.

With Direct Travel Insurance, you can tailor your cover to your travel needs. Yet bear in mind the limitations. Countries such as Afghanistan, Cuba, Liberia and Sudan do not fall within the scope of insurance coverage. Neither do undisclosed medical conditions.

InsureAndGo sets no age limit and insurers kids for free, offers cover for trips up to 365 days in length and a helpline which can reduce the stress of an emergency, whether it be medical or caused by force-majeure.

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