Insuring your wedding

God forbid but it can happen... Your wedding day might eclipse into disaster. While a wedding insurance cannot mitigate the devastating emotional consequences of a foiled attempt to tie the knot, it may mitigate financial ones. Play the reasonable person who hopes for the best but hedges against the worst by purchasing a cover.

What can I insure?

A standard insurance spans both weddings and civil partnerships and tends to cover all costs related to the wedding ceremony and the wedding party thereafter. People who have been through this will assure you that costs look modest only at the very start of wedding preparations and by their end they don't look untenable to Midas alone. Therefore, purchasing a policy which would help you recover these costs will prove a much needed solace. You also have the personal liability cover included as well.

What are the extras

If you pay a bit more, you can upgrade your personal liability cover to a public liability one and protect yourself from excessive costs in case of injury or a guest or attendant of the wedding party. Marquee covers, for their part, are the cover for any fixtures and fittings, as well as arrangements so that wherever you stay, you are to have all damages covered. You can also pay for a cover for your wedding ring and dress, as well as for any other loss or theft.

Time of purchase

If you are in no haste and plan your that your wedding happen in a while, you can insure your wedding up to 2 years in advance. As for last-minute insurances, they are not impossible to make but they are unlikely to offer you full cover and much likely to charge a markup for your "late call."

Compare Wedding Insurance is a great place to start your search for insurer. Wedding-related information is replete and you can spend hours getting into the wedding groove. If you have little time, just complete the short form on the homepage and see which insurers have wedding insurance plans for you.

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance also offers a comparison between its offers and those of competitors. Do not miss to use the cost calculator to ensure you have full visibility into the process.

As for Wedding Plan, you are urged to tailor your insurance to your exact needs so that you don't pay a penny more. Here policies are segregated into nine different levels and start from as low as £18.49.

Wedding insurance advice

One of the most important things to remember is to buy wedding insurance only if you will be out of pocket in case something happens. Main reasons for claims are venue cancellations or supplier failures. 

If you have second thoughts or something small goes wrong, don't expect to be refunded.

What is not covered by the policy?

- Cold feet - if you or your partner decide to cancel the wedding 

- Cancellations for financial reasons - if you cancel the wedding because you can't afford it anymore because of redundancy or similiar. 

- Cancellations due to pre-existing conditions 

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