Jet off to Sunnier Climes with Cheap Travel Insurance

With the weather in the UK raining one day and gloriously sunny the next, some of us might be getting a bit fed up waiting for summer to actually arrive! It’s the perfect time of year to plan and book your summer holiday, and that means hunting for the best travel insurance. Take a few moments to read our guide to cheap travel insurance and see how much you could save.

Essential Cover for Emergencies


Whilst many people might think they don’t actually need to bother paying for travel insurance, what would you do if you suddenly became ill whilst abroad? Could you afford to pay for private medical treatment if you were injured? For most of us, the answer to these questions is a resounding no, which means that you can’t afford to risk being without travel insurance for your holidays.


What Types of Cover are Available


Most travel insurance is a single trip policy which will cover you (and your family) for one specific trip abroad. It is possible to find ‘multi-trip’ or ‘annual’ cover which protects you for the whole year no matter how much you travel, and this is a great option if you’re planning more than one break or if you travel frequently for work purposes.


Family Cover


It’s possible to find family travel insurance policies from as little as £9 and these generally offer around £10 million worth of medical cover whilst abroad, so the whole family will be protected. Many family policies even offer free cover for children under the age of 17, so do shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money!


What to Look For


When shopping for cheap travel insurance, you should always check the following:

• Check that you can include optional extra cover for specific items or activities, if needed – for example, gadget cover or winter sports cover

• Check the excess – on most policies this will be around £50 but it can be as high as several hundred pounds, which could be why the quote you’ve received is so low, so be careful!

• You should be aiming for around £1 million medical cover for the EU (the US will be slightly more) and £1 million of personal liability cover

• Check that baggage and personal documents are covered too – if you lose your passport you could be in real trouble!

• Make sure the policy is international and covers you for the part of the world you’re travelling to. Worldwide travel insurance usually covers most countries, but there may be some exceptions with certain providers

Being excited going on a holiday do not forget to ensure you have found the right travel insurance. It might cost a bit more from your budget, but can save huge expenses if something goes wrong.  Buying cheap travel insurance online is easy, but it’s important to compare quotes and always read the small print, so that you know exactly what level of cover you’re receiving.


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