Commercial Vehichles Insurance: Save Time, Get Full Cover With Fleet Insurance

You are the owner of multiple cars or are in charge of vehicle maintenance at the company you work for? Then fleet insurance is something you need to consider. It will save you the time you would have otherwise spent on completing insurance applications for each individual vehicle. It will no less give you the peace of mind knowing that any of your vehicles will be restored with money from your insurer. To make the insurance application process a pleasurable duty, take the time to decide on the insurance's scope. Then pick the right partner.

Decide on coverage

Now that you have realised the need for fleet insurance, consider what coverage you need. There are two basic types of coverage: comprehensive or liability cover. The first one insures both you and the injured party and the second one – only the injured party. However, you will be left with no choice if any of the vehicles is yet to be cleared of loans. The lender will request full coverage to make sure an accident of yours will not leave a negative balance on his accounts.

There are a number of other specialised types of coverage, among which is the right to use a replacement if your car is out of order for long. Or yet the roadside assistance cover will help you pay for an emergency team to set your vehicle to motion if you got stuck on the highway.

Normally fleet insurance policies allow anyone to drive the vehicle or the group of vehicles. If the drivers are younger than 25 years they will have increased excess. 


Tailor spending according to your needs

The next step is to decide how much you are willing to spend on insurance. If cars from your fleet are used intensively, then it might be useful to pay more for the insurance policy to obtain more for your repair. If, however, standard operation is illustrative of your cars, then check out for the standard packages.


Get quotes from specialised insurers

Yet the best way to safeguard yourself against overspending is to see the quotes from specialised insurers, both online and offline. You might be amazed to find big discrepancies in pricing. You should also seek for professional advice from experienced agents on the insurer's payroll. Most websites offer it free of charge.

Start your quote query with three of the most reputed websites in this field. InsureFleet is the dedicated website which will provide you both advice and a quote, online and by phone. The all-around insurance player Swinton Commercial Insurance will offer you to cover for light commercial and heavy-duty vehicles alike. With QuoteZone, you will compare and contrast the going rates of many providers at a time and will, thus, feel secure that you have not missed out an attractive rate. Start now.

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