Make Taxi Driving Safe With Taxi Insurance

There is hardly a vehicle which is used more often than a taxi cab and there are few people who are more skilled than taxi drivers behind the steering wheel. Talking strictly insurance, intensive vehicle use and top driving skills would send you to the opposite extremes of the insurers' risk ladder. Naturally, the more you drive a car, the more susceptible it is to breakdown. Skilled taxi drivers, on the other hand, are capable of avoiding dangerous situations and, what is more important, to foresee and prevent them. For this reason, insurers have created a special insurance product catering specifically to taxi owners and drivers.

Public of private hire

To insurers it matters whether you pick up clients on the streets or wait for their call to pick them from the address they have mentioned. The different types and degrees of risk associated with either type of taxi services has prompted insurers to segregate public hire from private hire taxis. Make sure when asking for a quote to specify the category you belong to.

Finding the right scope

Just like with all types of insurances, taxi insurance has basic and comprehensive covers and many others in between. Here you have to apply reason and decide whether you need a full cover. That might be worth it if you happen to often drive in somewhat risky neighbourhoods and in places where traffic jam is "business as usual." An intermediate variant is third party liability or third party theft and fire.

Single or fleet

If you are a responsible taxi company owner, you would naturally want to buy insurance for all your cars. And, of course, at a fraction of the sum you would have paid for all single insurances taken together. Fleet insurance is then what you would be asking for, yet be warned that in structuring your quote, an insurer will not only have the number of vehicles in mind. Other factors of importance are car age, brand and type of use.

Quote factors

The price of your quote depends on the following factors:

- Your car - value, mileage, age.

- Your details - contact details, is the company your own, etc. 

- Public or private hire, taxi licensing council and how many drivera are to be on the policy

- Any modifications done on your car - such as ramp or other adaptations. Some safety features may even make your insurance cheaper.

- NCD - no claims discount bonus can give you a good discount on your policy depending if you've earned it on your taxi car or another one.


Taxi Cab Insurance is the specialist which not only has all types of taxi insurance for you but also the flexible payment options. Namely, it gives you the chance to pay monthly if you wish.

Freeway Insurance takes pride in its instant online quote system which means that you are spared the time in wait for genuine insurance quotes. The reason is the close ties this quote provider keeps with a full squad of taxi insurers.

Quotezone promises to find you the lowest rates on the market. The floor is yours: check for yourself how true that claim is!

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