Buying a courier insurance policy

Turning a blind eye on risks is hardly a winning strategy. Although the probability of them to occur is small, when they do the damage is generally massive and costly. Courier services is also a business not without its risks. Loss or theft of parcels or their accidental damage (if the contents is brittle or has been subject to extra pressure), along with all problems which can dawn onto courier vans are just a few of the direct and indirect risks related to it.

Van and driver details

As is the case with all car insurances, a clean driving licence, no claim record and low mileage of the vehicle are among the advantages which will raise your profile before insurers and will, respectively, translate to lower courier insurance costs for you. If, in addition, you add observe all precautions and, for example, keep your van in a safe place and work predominantly during the business day, that will raise your profile even further.

Single van or fleet?

Unless you are a start-up, your business would most likely be having a whole group of vans criss-crossing the city or country you service. Fleet insurance is most likely to bring in discounts; hence, do not hesitate to request it from insurers vying for your courtesy.

Goods in transit cover

A good way to be fully on the safe side is to insure that parcels your courier service ships are protected as part of a courier insurance. In this way, you will avoid the hassle of insuring each individual good (the time spent on filling out paperwork and subsequent good evaluation can be put to better use, after all).


Barry Grainger claim to offer one of the best courier insurance prices on the market. Take your time to fill in the detailed questionnaire and it will not be long before you receive a quote.

Courier Van Insurance are the niche specialists who will offer you all subcategories of courier insurances, among which courier van insurances, goods in transit insurances, courier liability and courier fleet insurance. Decide on the scope of courier insurance you currently need and ask for a quote.

With ConstructaQuote you can obtain a cover of up to £105,000 and a level of cover tailored to your needs. This provider offers discounts for purchasing an insurance online and offers all levels of cover for your courier business.

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