Shopping for tradesman insurance

Whether big or small, the business of a tradesman needs insurance to prevent any mishaps from denting its financial bottomline or reputation. The good tradesman demonstrates foresight and opts for a comprehensive cover which makes his/her business impervious to events such as injury or death of employees and third parties alike; damage of equipment or third party items while on the tradesman's territory; loss, theft or breakdown of stock.

What's in it?

Like the aforementioned presumes, a tradesman insurance includes a public liability, employers liability and goods in transit insurance. This three-piece package is what most insurers entail yet variations are not to be ruled out. Hence, checking for its exact contents with each individual insurer is a must.

Professions matter

Insurers have long made a clear differentiation among individual professions and have assigned them risk ratings according to the degree of their safety and the likelihood for mishaps to happen. Therefore, when researching for your tradesman insurance, specify your profession to have a quote which takes your profession into account.

Most popular professions for tradesman insurance include:

- Builders

- Painters and decorators

- Carpenters

- Craft stall owners

- Domestic cleaners

- Business and management consultants

- IT contractors

Of course, there are many more which are not included in the above list so don't hesitate to give it a try if your profession is not one of the above. 

Legal expenses included?

A point where insurers exhibit wide variations is legal expenses. Many insurers tend to not include in their basic package the costs a tradesman suffers as a result of litigation. It is, therefore, in your best interest to check that while comparing the appeal of individual insurance products.

Where's the top?

A point which needs particular attention is the maximum cover you can get for your public liability and employers liability. Since caps may vary substantially, inform yourself about them, assess them against the risks which you have sustained in recent years before choosing the optimum one for you.

Eligibility test

To be eligible for an insurance, a tradesman has to meet a number of conditions, the most important of which are to have never been declared bankrupt and to have a clear record, motoring and criminal. See the requirements, pass the test to make it into insurers' client list.

Direct Line for Business has much in stock for you. Check for the standard cover and its extras, read the texts clarifying all the options, see the prices and decide on the product with the right scope for you.

At, you have professions listed in the Retail and Other Insurance sections. Click on your profession as a first step of obtaining an insurance catering to your exact vocation. sees a full squad of insurers vying to win you as a client. See the caps they offer on one single page, then click on the products you have like the most to get redirected to the particular insurer's website.

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