Guide to breakdown cover

If your car happens to break down it will never be in the right moment. So it will be good if you have a fast and reliable solution to hand for such a case. The best thing to do is call up your breakdown cover company and they will come to help whether it’s just to change your tyre or for a more complicated repair. If you don’t have one currently or you’re looking to find a new one, have a look at our guide below.

Why take on breakdown cover?

If you happen to spend your time regularly in a car, you will not avoid a case of a car breakdown. It might be ok to ask someone to stop and help but if this happens in a remote area where there are not many passing cars, you might spend there quite a few hours. So it’s better to have a breakdown cover for such cases and also if you own an older vehicle which is likely to breakdown more often. Have to mention that there are different levels of cover and the yearly call outs and repairs are limited according to the chosen plan. 

For the majority breakdown policies you have to pay an annual fee, and if there are any providers that will let you pay monthly, consider that one upfront payment usually is cheaper.

Levels of breakdown cover

1. Roadside assistance – All policies include roadside assistance by default. This means that if you breakdown over a quarter away from your address, you can receive roadside assistance. Some policies are extended with a “home-start” feature which offers assistance to you even if you can’t start your car first thing in the morning at your place. The breakdown company will try to fix your vehicle but if they can’t - it will be towed to the nearest garage or your home. There is also a limit on the mile range from your home address for which the breakdown cover policy is valid.

2. Nationwide breakdown cover – it includes the options listed above but extends the area of cover to all territories of the UK. This policy also offers the option of “onward travel”. If you have it – you can choose to be taken either to a destination of your choice or your home. This allows you continue your journey or wait safely in accommodation arranged by the breakdown company while your vehicle is being repaired.

3. European cover – this is usually offered as an add-on to the previous levels of breakdown cover. It will be useful if you decide to travel in the EU – perhaps if you go to France for the weekend.

How to find the cover right for you?

Take your time to browse through comparison sites such as KnowYourMoney. They will compare quotes and the different levels for you. Of course, we will always recommend quoting TheAA, RAC and GreenFlag because of their long experience in this field.

Whatever your choice is, do not forget to read the small print when signing a policy.

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