Our Guide to Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

What Is Learner Driver Insurance? All drivers on the road have to be insured for the car they are driving. Learner driver car insurance is compulsory for new drivers (those who hold a provisional license) and those who are still learning to drive and are taking private driving lessons (provided by someone other than a driving instructor). The minimum level of car insurance a learner driver must have is third party.

Learner driver car insurance tends to be costly or hard to get. Many insurers refuse to cover drivers with only a provisional licence under the age of 21 or charge excessive premiums to allow them to drive the family car. Quotes of thousands of pounds to put a teenager on a parent's car insurance are not uncommon. Fortunately, new insurance companies are slowly taking into that niche.


Where Should I Get It From?


The AA has recently launched its Learner Driver Insurance which is available online and can be arranged for periods of between 28 days to 24 weeks. After a minimum 28-day initial policy, learner drivers can renew their cover from 7 days to 24 weeks. This costs £96.50 for a 28-day for fully comprehensive policy.

Specialist insurers such as Insure Learner Driver offer to teenage drivers a car insurance policy that is written in their own name, so it won't jeopardise the no-claims bonus of the parent. It can be arranged online on their website for intervals of between 1 - 140 days and prices start from as low as £1.33 per day.

Marmalade is another specialist insurance product for learner drivers with premiums starting from £9 per week or higher depending on the postcode. Again, the policy is in the name of the learner and is separate from the car owner's insurance, so parents can be cool their no-claims bonus will remain intact. The supervising driver must be over 25 and have held a full UK driving licence for at least three years. They don't even need to be the car owner. Provided the Provisional Marmalade Insurance policy is in place and the learner driver has the car owner's permission, they have comprehensive insurance to drive.


How To Keep The Price Low?

Here are few tips to follow when buying insurance for learner driver:

* Take an advanced course, such as Pass Plus: there are insurance companies that look very favourably on drivers with a pass plus course and it can make a significant difference to an insurance premium with the form of a pass plus discount.

Talk to your friends: they may have found a trusted insurance company that offers cheaper quotes for learner drivers with provisional licences.

Drive new cars: new cars are considered safer by insurance companies and they will offer lower quotes for provisional license drivers with a newer car.

Drive small cars: cars with smaller engines are considered safer by insurance companies and they will offer lower quotes for provisional license drivers with a smaller car.

* Install Black Box: the price for insuring car with black box is cheaper as it allows checking the driving behaviour. The telematics policy can help to cut down the cost of young driver insurance.

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