Motorhome Insurance: Make the clever moves with your wheeled home's insurance

You are right! Motorhome owners are a specific breed of people: they are so dedicated to life on wheels that they can pay almost any price to sustain it. But in doing so, they might be missing to enjoy the thrill of negotiating the good deal. If you personally want to rejoice on both accounts, then insurance might be a good start. There are many discount items available on the market which could challenge and/or polish your rhetorical skills.

Having a motorhome insurance is legal requirement to their owners the same as the cars. So it is worth reading about it before buying it straight away, as there few things to consider before that. 

Club fans

So very often motorhome owners organise clubs to share their passion with peers. By being a member, you enjoy the perk of an up to 10% discount on your motorhome insurance. This is a hefty cut off the price for your cover and you should definitely explore this opportunity.


No claims bonus

Insurers are generally very generous if your previous record points to your reliability. For example, the fact that you have never filed a claim with an insurer or it has been a long time ago since you have done so can shed up to 50% off your insurance policy's price. With motorhome owners generally being profiled as experienced and prudent on the road, the discount is unlikely to slip off your hands.


Limited mileage

Unless you plan on a pan-European or trans-continental tour, you could consider pricing your deal to the modest mileage you run to your favourite picnic spots. Limited mileage, especially if combined with travel only within the UK, will also see your cover's price shrink some more.


Drivers matter

Letting things float might lead to deep digging into your pockets. It is very important that you specify the drivers who are to ride your darling, especially if you let only experienced drivers like yourself and your spouse behind the wheel. You can strike a good deal only if you are specific enough for insurers to make an educated guess.


Niche providers

It is never a bad idea to check with the offers of niche providers. Usually, they tend to be paying special attention to your needs and usually have promos for your particular van. One is Insurance for Caravans. Apart from getting a number of offers in return for a simple form, you can review the specialised offers of Caravan Club and Frank Pickles. For its part, Quotiva will meet even the information needs of gluttons so there you can rest assured that a full read-out will make you almost an expert. With Adrian Flux, you will enjoy as compartmentalised a view as van-related insurances can be. See where you stand and head for your deal!

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