Buyer's Guide: Steer clear to cheap multi-bike insurance

Once in the club of motorbike riders, it is hardly unlikely that you will ever want to exit it. Just on the opposite, it is much more likely that the purchase of one bike will bring about the purchase of another, if to sense the subtle differences in driving experience that different makes and models offer. Owners of multiple bikes are no odd stuff for insurers who have long created the relevant product. Collective insurance will definitely cost you less than if you had opted for individual insurances for each and every bike.

Comprehensive or not

Consider several circumstances to decide whether you need a comprehensive cover or something less. Living in a safe neighbourhood and the availability of a garage will not only offer peace of mind to you but to insurers as well. After all, safety is a factor weighing heavily in insurers' estimates. A new bike fleet will also be insurers' surety against breakdown. If any of your bikes is still in a warranty period, all the better.

Riding long distances far away from home will qualify you for roadside assistance which will make your cover slightly more expensive. If driving around in the neighbourhood or slightly beyond, then you will have only a modest price mark-up.

Adding options or not

Owners of multiple bikes are more often solidary fellows than not. If to boast with their machine or to share the riding sensation with others, they are likely to pass over a bike to a friend. A cover for multiple riders has its cost and, just to be on the safe side, you can opt for it. Female bike riders are also considered a riskier adventure which will also translate to a slightly higher price. Little experience is also due to add a mark-up.

Multi-bike policy allows you to use your no claim discount on all of your bikes. Of course, there is a limit of up to 4 but this is plenty for any household anyway. If you want to insure more than 4, you have to speak directly to the insurer and they may let you do it for an extra charge. Insurers will base the premium on the most expensive bike of all. The multi bike insurance policy offers all in one policy with no multiple ending dates to remember and renew.

Where to look for it?

With BikeSure you can read about all the features of this type of insurance at a glance. You are also entitled to a bonus you will hardly get anywhere else: a legal cover of up to £100,000.

With CompareTheMarket and Confused you can set yourself onto the compare and contrast mode. There are more than 35 insurers and hundreds of insurances to choose from. Write your vehicle's registration plate, year of manufacture and your personal details and see the quotes they will generate.

Take a tour, get a quote, pay for your selected option and ride in safety.

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