Over 50s Car Insurance

Age is so often a rewarding thing. It brings with it experience, maturity and a laid-back approach toward life. It does yield dividends from car insurance savings, too, and striking 50 may be the time to revisit your insurer and see what exactly they are. Here is a tentative list of issues for discussion.

Married or living together? Couple your cover!

You and your spouse or partner can protect your cars against fire and theft of personal belongings, a personal accident, broken windows, can cover your medical expenses and give you a courtesy car for less money if you buy your policies together. Surveys show that many overlook this proposition while it can save you up to £100 a year.

No claims bonus!

Having a clean ticket and no claims record will secure a bonus for you. Insurers value the fact that you drive a reliable car safely because this combination rings the right bell to them: you are not a troublemaker and you are likely to save them money. Look out for this bonus and cut some more money off the overall cost.

Lower your cost with lower mileage

The lower the mileage is, the lower the probability that you find yourself involved in an accident, an act of vandalism or a loss of keys or personal belongings. This is the rationale insurance companies typically put up in creating your policy profile. Finding yourself in the intensive car user league is not to your benefit, not in this case. Therefore, adjust your cover to your mileage needs and enjoy a somewhat thicker wallet.

Monthly vs. annual payments

Although it varies from provider to provider, it is generally cheaper to pay for your cover in annual rather than in monthly instalments. Be sure that you check what is more cost-effective for you.

What cover suffices

If you feel that you are an excellent driver but you are weary of the rising car theft figures, then you might be looking for third party liability & fire and theft cover only. If you want full security, then curb the frugal approach and buy comprehensive security. Nonetheless, see for the above 50s bonus features and enjoy a cheaper policy than you have ever had.

Is over 50s car insurance cheaper?

It usually works out cheaper than regular car insurance. This policy is tailored for drivers with good experience on the road so the costs are much lower than on the normal policies.

Also, you can get many other benefits for free in your policy while you have to usually pay for them on the regular car insurance policies. These benefits include courtesy car, 'get you home' service, unlimited European cover, etc. 

More About Providers

Insurer Saga, which specialises in insuring your "in the 50s" peers, already runs a promo cover for as low as £150 a year. Since there are more than 130 insurers on the market, it is worth performing the compare & contrast exercise with MoneySupermarket and Confused dot com, get competitive quotes, choose and enjoy the rewards your age provides.

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