Specialists' guide to temporary car insurance

The Basics

If you drive a car on any road in the UK, you are legally obliged to have insurance for it. Sometimes you only possess a vehicle for a short term period and there is no point in obtaining lengthy 1 year car insurance. If you need cover for a period of 1 to 28 days -- you are looking for temporary car insurance.

Why choose temporary car insurance?

- You have just bought a car and you need it insured the best way would be to buy a one day insurance and when you get all your documents straight to insure it on a permanent basis.

- You are borrowing someone else's car and you only need it insured for a couple of days on your name.

- You need to insure an additional car in your name if for example your car is getting repaired and you're driving a courtesy vehicle.

- You need to pay your road tax. Some providers are approved by DVLA and their policies would be accepted when applying for tax.

- You're going away on holiday and you're hiring a car.

- You want to test drive a car.


Any UK resident (more than 12 months) between 21 and 75 years old with a full UK/EU driving licence would be accepted. Some providers would drop the minimum age limit to 18 years old but it's normally 21. You won't read it as a requirement but you won't be covered if you have more than 8 penalty points on your driving licence for the last 3 years. So a clean driving licence in possession of more than 6 months is the minimum insurers will consider. The maximum value for a vehicle on this type of policy is £75,000.

Can you go abroad with temporary car insurance?

If you intend to go abroad with this vehicle, do notify your insurer. Your premium will be higher but you will receive a comprehensive insurance policy that will be of great help if an accident happens abroad.

Short Term Car Insurance and no claims discount

One of the best things with temporary car insurance is that in the events of a claim - your no claims discount will not be affected and your premium will not rise. 

Providers and costs

You should expect to pay a price of £10 a day but this differs depending on your circumstances. We recommend you to have a look at Insure4aday, DirectLine or TempCover for a well priced quote. The main price factors are the drivers age, vehicle and area.

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