Insuring your second home with static caravan insurance

A static caravan is that hybrid which gives you both the coziness of a home and the freedom to move whenever you want, wherever you want and for as long as you please. This indeed is a mix which has an irresistible pull to many. If you are among them, it is important that you know how to safeguard it and use it for as long as it is possible. Static caravan insurance is on offer with many insurers and to make sure you have the full cover that you need, start inspecting what is the scope that you need.

Contents included or excluded?

You have to first identify whether you need protection for the exterior alone – accidental damage, scratching, loss or theft – or for the interior, too, i.e. its contents. To determine that, you have to see if you keep in your home on wheels any valuables such as jewellery or personal belongings or any costly items in the form of household appliances.

Benefits of static caravan insurance

- Your caravan is covered even if you don't use it so that is good for peace of mind.

- Contents cover and accidental cosmetical damage - this ensures that your caravan will be in top shape even if you are not near it.

- Тhere are many provders online so you're able to benefit from lower prices.

- Natural causes cover is available as well so you are protected agansit most risks. 

Where are you stationed?

The degree of risk associated with your static caravan is primarily dependent on the place you frequent. When filling in a form for a static caravan insurance quote, you will be asked whether the site where you are permanently stationed or the site that you intend to visit is monitored. Furthermore, you will have to report whether your caravan has its own security system. The higher the perceived risk, the higher the chance that you pay more for issues such as vandalism, theft, falling trees, impact on the road.

No claim much gain

Your insurance will be all the cheaper if you and the static caravan you insure have a clean claims record and you personally have no previous criminal convictions. Do not forget to mention your long experience as an owner and driver of a static caravan and you will end up enjoying a reasonable price for an optimum cover.

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