Why a telematics car insurance

You believe you are the perfect driver and your driving style is superior to that of the rest? Well, insurers have a rewarding product for you. With a telematics car insurance, you will be enjoying the benefits of being impeccable on the road. It is based on your driving style as reported by a black box fitted in your car over a certain period of time and not on average road-behavioural statistics.

What is in check?

There are a number of parameters to be monitored by the black box, among them:

- your address and regular trips

- how long you're driving on average

- your acceleration's strength

- how often and how do you press your breaks

- how you take on corners

Some of the providers may ask that you drive only certain hours of the day so that you are to avoid heavy traffic and the possibility of an accident is lesser. 

Who benefits the most?

Definitely, top-driving youngsters. Traditionally, customers who buy a car insurance for the first time fall into the high risk category because they generally have little experience. This incurs an extra charge for the policy, However, if the black box proves statistics wrong, they can ensure savings of up to £800. On the other hand, elderly people with can reap the fruit of their long-time presence on the road.

Where's the bonus?

In a bid to allure customers, many insurers offer the installation of a black box for free. However, not all. For this reason, do check beforehand whether having one is complimentary or not. Another bonus is intangible but quite important. With the black box in, your car will be much easier to find if stolen. Next, the black box will automatically alert patrols to come to your rescue if you happen to be involved in an accident.

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