Safe and secure while on the move with a touring caravan insurance

Being neither a rolling stone nor a snail or a turtle, you can freely roll your home around with a touring caravan. If this is the way how you and your folks would like to spend your vacation, then part of your preparation for it should be to insure your vehicle.

The essentials

The condition of your touring caravan, its size, the destination of your journey, the driver's experience and claims record of your vehicle: these are among the items which matter the most to insurers. Make sure that you have these details beforehand so that you get indeed an insurance which is tailored to your exact needs. As to the destination of your journey: you have to specify (i) if you are travelling abroad and (ii) if you are going to stay overnight in sites under video surveillance only or in ad-hoc places as well.

Caravan insurance is not a legal requirement so you don't have to buy one but it may save you hundreds of pounds in maintenance. 

What is included?

Policies differ quite a lot but below are the main points covered in all policies:

- Theft of the caravan 

- Accidental damage

- Flood or other damage caused by bad weather

- Contents cover - this is usually an add-on but it may be worth to spend some more to get it.

- Third party liability - if someone gets injured in your caravan or your caravan causes damage to someone's property. 

New for old

If you are already the happy owner of a touring caravan insurance and it is about to expire, then you qualify for a "new for old" insurance. It is sure to save you some money and will reset the duration of your cover to a longer term (so that you stay insured even if, for whatever reason, you have decided to extend your trip).

What entitles you to a bonus

A few facts can help you decrease the price of your insurance and it is good to know them so as to claim them. You can have a bonus, among others, if you are aged 45 years and above, if you have a clean claims record, if you are a member of a caravan club, if you are buying a policy online. Figure out which one of these relates to you, claim and cut your forthcoming trip-related costs.

Tower Gate Insurance has four types of touring caravan insurance: "Select," "Choice," "Green" and Lo-cost. Review the details, see which ones are available for you and then buy.

With Insurance for Caravans, you get access to six caravan insurance-facing websites of high repute. This website, along with all else, gives you the opportunity to compare the market, answers queries related to your insurance, etc.

As to Adrian Flux, you can enjoy a European cover for free for the first 120 days, a £1 million public liability cover, weather and awnings damage, up to a quarter of the value of your policy off for your clear claims record and much more.

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