Shopping for one day car insurance

There are times when you are up for an escapade but your car is broken or you need to move things and feel that the van of a friend or relative is just what you need. In these very cases, you will need a one day car insurance. While its scope can be as comprehensive as that of a long-term insurance, its price will be far more affordable than, say, its one-year counterpart and this is, by all means, good news for your finances.


You are deemed eligible for an insurance if you hold a 12-month driving licence for the vehicle you'd like to insure and if you are aged between 21 and 75. While this is the standard, there might be variations from one insurer to another, so make sure this is the first point in your checklist when shopping around for your temporary cover.

Benefits of one day car insurance

The policy may start from 15 minutes after you pay till 30 days. Very flexible to cover your travels and needs, it offers standar comprehensive cover.

Another good thing is that if you have no claim bonus, this policy will not affect your NCD.

You have third party cover for driving in Europe which can be extended to comprehensive for a certain charge. 

Car or van

Insurers distinguish between insurances for cars and vans, if for the sheer difference in size and purpose of these vehicles. Usually, an insurer's website will immediately make this distinction for you by placing on their website individual buttons for either.

Pricing issues

In general, a van insurance tends to be a bit costlier than that of a car; however, there can be exceptions to this rule. A number of factors such as age, condition and value of the insured car and the age, experience and claims history of the driver also have their input when calculating the insurance cost. Therefore, expect to get a tailor-made, rather than a standard, quote for yourself and the car you are to temporarily drive.

Find it

TempCover com is your one-stop-shop for anyone reluctant or not needing any permanent insurance. Here you can insure yourself for someone else's car or someone else for your car. Here the age range is between 18 and 75 and the requirement for driving licence is reduced to 6 months so this might be a good solutions for young drivers who are still driving their parents' or friends' cars.

Insure4aday is another temporary insurance specialist which can issue an insurance for a day, a week and a month within 24 hours. You can insure yourself and additional temporary drivers, be them from your family or just friends, for your own vehicle or that or a different person.

Confused is your aide when you want to get the big picture for this market. Within the scope of this compare-and-contrast website are 136 providers. So enter your requirements and start your bird's eye (re)view.

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