Avoid Commitment with Payg Car Insurance

There are times when it’s totally acceptable to be a commitment phobe. Standing at the altar on your wedding day – not one of them! But car insurance on the other hand; well, you can afford to shirk commitment when it comes to insuring your vehicle thanks to payg car insurance. Our handy guide to payg car insurance will explain exactly what it is and whether it’s right for you, so sit back with a cup of tea and take a few moments to read on…

What is Payg Car Insurance?

Payg or pay as you go car insurance is designed specifically for anyone looking to insure a car for less than the 12 months offered by standard insurance providers. There are a number of reasons why you might need to insure your car for a shorter period – perhaps you’re relocating abroad, or maybe you just need a car for a few months for commuting to work. Taking out payg car insurance is the perfect way to ensure you’re protected without having to sign up for a traditional 12 month car insurance policy.

Who is payg insurance best for?

It is usually used by people who don't drive on a regular basis, young drivers and those in university that come back home and need to drive to get around. 

There is another good reason to consider this policy - when you opt for payg insurance, you get a black box installed in your car. If you prove that you are a good driver, you can get a significant discount on your regular policy. 

How Does it Work?

Payg car insurance works in the same way as traditional insurance – you can get a quote online in a matter of minutes, although you’ll usually find there’s less choice when it comes to insurance providers. You don’t need to pay up front for your full policy cost; you can set up monthly instalments, making it even more affordable to insure your vehicle.

You’ll benefit from no claims discount and be able to add other drivers and other vehicles to your policy, as you would with a standard car insurance policy. The only real difference is the length of the policy.

It’s important to always double check how long a policy can be taken for – the lengths available vary, but of course if you need to insure your car for 12 months or more, then pay as you go car insurance won’t be the right option for you!

Ideal for those who are looking to insure a car for a short period of time, for whatever reason, payg car insurance is the perfect, commitment free and affordable way to ensure that your vehicle is protected against damage, loss or theft whilst avoiding signing up for a 12 month insurance policy. As with standard car insurance policies, you may find that you end up paying more if you are under 25 or have recently passed your driving test.

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