Buyer's Guide: Life-jacketing Your Dog With Pet Insurance

Just like humans, your dog is also prone to falling off, injuring itself, falling ill, being attacked by another dog. This line of thought is not a brisk encounter with the typical tragedy-oriented mindset, rather, one of a realist who wants to safeguard humans and not in his/her household from potential risks.

Finding insurance for your furry family member is quite easy. Just decide on its scope, premium payment periodicity, term, then check the pricing of individual providers, single out the best one, pay for it and there you go: your pet is already equipped with its risk-proof life jacket.


Basic or with extras

The temperament of your dog as well as your lifestyle, travel-oriented or sedentary, are among the main issues you need to address when deciding on the type of cover for your dog. If the dog is a prankster and it keeps getting off the leash, then your heart must often be sinking when it plays close to a busy road. In this case, having a higher cover for accidents & injuries or a cover for straying would guarantee you peace of mind.

Furthermore, have in mind that there exist extras such as cover of your stay at the hospital, of holiday cancellation, quarantine cover and loss of pet passport.


Single or multiple

Just like with most types of insurances, covering for several pets at a time would cost you less than buying an insurance for each one individually. If your pet squad is big, do inquire about related discounts. Usually, the discount rate grows incrementally, meaning that each additional pet earns a larger percentage off the standard rate than the one before.


Monthly, annual or perennial

Insurers have become so flexible that currently the choice is yours when it comes to payment preferences. You can opt to pay every monthonce a year or once every several years. Bear in mind, though, that monthly payments will most likely be charged an interest. The extra charge is because you have selected a deferred method of payment.



DirectLine offers pet owners grooming and photo sessions at a 50% discount. Find out what this insurer's basic offer and additional covers entail.

With Tesco Bank you have access to a 24-hour vetline and a cover as cheap as £6 a month. The pet insurance section includes not only information about how to buy an insurance but also about how to make a claim. Read and be agile, if need be.

Petplan offers 2 insurance plans - for 12 months and for life insurance with lots of benefits as their cost can vary based on few factors. 

Unbiased market comparison provider CompareTheMarket will dish you with all the available pet insurance options and you can compare quotes from several providers. What is more, you can fill in the gaps in your pet insurance knowledge in the rich article section.

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