Guide to Buying Boiler Cover: Stay Warm with Boiler Cover

Even if you like winter, it is hardly likely that you'd heartily welcome it home. A breakdown anywhere along your central heating system, however, would do so, whether you want it or not. And a swift repair might cost you a fortune, like any emergency service. To hedge yourself against overspending and the risk of leaving your family and yourself out in the cold, you could go for a cover.

Boiler only or?

Usually, boiler cover is never offered on its own but in a package with related services. For example, central heating radiators, which is what central heating cover is by definition, can be repaired along with your boiler, pipes, controls, plumbing and drains, even your home electrics for a monthly fee. Routine annual maintenance can also feature among the electable services. It is up to you to size your package up according to your needs and existing service subscriptions.

What's in a cover?

The boiler cover usually includes not only labour costs but spare parts, too. Of course, covers usually have an annual cap for parts. You will need to pay anything in excess of that limit in case of major breakdown.

Provider or maintenance company

You also need to consider whether you want to receive services from your central heating provider or from a company specialising in maintenance services. The former option gives you the peace of mind in that the provider will always have in stock the parts of the model and size that you need. You might also be eligible for a discount for your maintenance services due to bundling them with the core service, central heating itself. The latter option, for its part, will give you access to niche providers knowledgeable in all the problems your central heating system might encounter.

British Gas is among the companies which can offer you a full suite service. Their HomeCare packages, One through Four, offer you the flexibility of picking just the services you want. The company's charges range from £14 to £23.5.

Corgi HomePlan, a specialist all-around maintenance company, has four packages, all of which offer you services 365 days a year and 24/7 helpline. This means you will not have to wait for weekends or holidays to be over before you get proper service. Depending on your cover, with Corgi  plans cost between £13 and £21 monthly, but you will be paying less as there is discount up to 25% depending on the plan you choose.

With MoneySuperMarket, you can check the available offers of providers in your area and compare them against each other or your current cover before taking a final decision.


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