Equine insurance: Have your horse protected

As many horse-owners will tell you, your horse is not a mere pet. It is the smart and multi-functional companion which you can ride, compete with, work with (for towing and ploughing), and, naturally, boast with: often times the beauty of a stallion is second to none. This is why it would be best to keep your horse protected with a bespoke equine insurance that has all potentialities in check.

What does the standard cover include?

The standard insurance covers incidents such as death, slaughter, theft or straying. Another important feature is its permanent loss of use as a result of injury, for example. Public liability, i.e. when your horse causes damage to any public good, is also within the scope of this insurance.


What are the extras?

Additional insurance on top of the standard cover are the fees a vet might charge you (usually the cover is £5,000 at most), an insurance for you as a rider (personal injury, in particular), damage of your saddlery and tack, cover for trailers and horse-drawn vehicles. A third-party liability usually offers up £3 million in payouts.


What forms the price of an insurance?

In the first place, this is the age of your horse. Usually, the dividing line between a veteran horse and non-veteran horse is either 16, 19 or 20 years and insurers have structured their insurances according to that age limit. Then the price is based on what is included in the cover as there usually is the basic policy and there can be some optional covers like third party liability, saddlery and tack, disposal and permanent loss of use. But if your horse is valued above £10,000 we advise you to contact the insurance company for a special quote.


What do you get as payout?

Generally, you are to get the market value of the item or subject of loss. For example, if your horse has suffered an irrecoverable incident and it can no longer serve its designated function, then you are to receive the market value of the horse as at the time immediately prior to its loss of function.

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