Your detailed guide to funeral plans

Funerals have become quite expensive lately. If you don’t want to be a burden to your family in their time of grief, it might be a good idea to start your funeral plan. It’s not something unusual – in fact it’s as common as taking out life insurance or writing your will. A funeral plan will let you plan every detail of the funeral itself and you can start paying the costs of it today.

What is covered?

The arrangements may vary a lot as you can personalise most parts of the funeral plan. The basic features are:

- Burial or cremation costs.

- An ordinary coffin.

- Preservation, embalming and care of the deceased.

- Transportation of the deceased to where the burial will take place – this includes the car and the costs of the transportation process.

- Cards and flowers from your family.

- Extras – favourite music song to be played at the service, a more extraordinary coffin or a horse drawn hearse and much more features.


What is not covered?

There are certain things that are not covered by the basic funeral plans.

- Most funeral plans will cover the cremation costs but not the full burial ones.

- A grave space.

- Headstones.


Why go for a funeral plan?

Funeral plans offer a product that will definitely be needed at some point in the future. This agreement between you and the funeral plan provider should help you even to save money considering the rising costs of funerals. The money that you pay in advance will be put in a trust fund and interest will be gained on them by the time they are needed and this will compensate the provider for the increased cost of funeral in time. You can manage the different parts of the funeral itself knowing that in a time of grief your family won’t have to deal with this.


Funeral plans types

There are mainly five types:

- Pre-paid funeral plans – the charges are paid in full upfront.

- Whole of life plans – this plan is a type of life insurance policy designed to pay for the policyholder’s funeral.

- Family group plans – same as above but can cover up to 6 family members.

- Repatriation pre-paid funeral plan – these are tailored mostly for foreign nationals or anyone else that wants to be buried in another country.

- Expatriate pre-paid funeral plans – these are funeral plans tailored for UK expatriates who want to be buried in the UK.



We recommend you to compare at least a few funeral plans as there might be little differences that could matter huge to you. Visit, or Co-operative for different suggestions. Make sure you read through ever y little detail in your policy and compare prices between providers.

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