Buying Prepaid Funeral Plans

In life, there are two things which happen to us all. We all get born and we all die. Not a single person has bypassed this law of nature but not every single person has prepared for his/her passage to the beyond. If you have always held your life under control, be true to yourself and run this final business on your own. With a prepaid funeral plan, you will be sure that you will have the ceremony, hearse, flower arrangement, type of coffin and monument – everything! – done just as you have wished them to be while alive. What is more, your funeral would be a financial burden to no one.

Any limitations?

Funeral plan providers usually have only one condition for you. You or the person whose funeral you would like to prepay must be aged 50 and above.

Is it worth it?

If you are the type of person that has the money available to pay for the funeral now then do it. If you buy a plan now, it is protected against inflation. If you decide to put the money into a savings account, you will never know if the money will be enough to pay for the funeral then. 

What are the options?

Usually, you will face several options with different price tags. The points of differentiation will be the quality of the coffin, lushness of the flower arrangement, the number of limousines you can order for your relatives and friends, coverage or not of third-party fees such as fees for doctors, clergy or cremation. It is up to you to decide how lavish you would like your funeral to be.

Payment now or over time

An important decision you can take is whether to pay for your funeral as a lump sum or pay in a phased-out fashion. If you opt to pay over time, you will most likely be offered a scheme for payment in fixed instalments. Be ready to also pay some interest on top of the sum total of your funeral if payment period lasts more than 12 months. If you happen to come across a better service while paying out your current plan, make sure that you factor in a cancellation charge. As a rule, it hovers around the £250 mark.


Golden Charter takes pride in being the largest independent provider of funeral services. You can choose any of its four plans with prices starting from £2,295.00. Upon payment, you have 30 more days to consider whether you would like to stick to this plan or not at no penalty whatsoever. Cancelling past the 30th day will result in a refund less the cancellation fee. 

AgeUK has three basic plans priced £3,039 and above. You have a 28-day full money-back guarantee, as well as a guarantee that all fees for doctors, clergy and cremation bill be covered by all of its plans.

The Co-Operative Funeral Care offers to your attention three plans as well with comparable costs, the lowest being £3,100. If you have any specific requirements, then this is the provider you are looking for: alongside its set solutions, it has the tailor-made solution answering your each and every whim.

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