Buyer's Guide: What is in a private health insurance contract?

Private health insurance is a valuable complement to a regular health insurance plan that you pay out at work. With it, you can insure yourself against conditions which are not covered by the regular plan or can arrange treatment by a specific professional whom you especially trust. From the very basic to comprehensive, private health cover is a good safeguard against unforeseen medical conditions.

Dependent on your profile

A private health insurance and, respectively its price, is dependent on a number of factors, among which your age, gender, smoking status, medical history. Should you opt to cover not only yourself but also your family or a selected group of people, you will have to provide this information for all covered individuals.

Deciding on scope

As a next step, you have to consider what is the type of cover that you need. The very basic cover is likely to pay for outpatient treatment only such as a visit to a specialist and diagnostic tests. On the other extreme, the comprehensive cover extends to a well-furnished private room in a specific hospital, equipped with a TV set and Wi-Fi. While the very basic individual cover will cost around £10 a month, the comprehensive one will be 10 times that amount.

What is out of scope?

While much is within the scope of a private health insurance, just as much is excluded by default. You are not entitled to claim reimbursement for pre-existing conditions or for routine check-ups with a GP. The same is valid for long-term or chronic conditions, incurable diseases or pregnancy and childbirth. You should bear in mind, however, that the scope of policies varies widely from one insurer to another. For this reason, it is advisable to leaf through them, check and juxtapose the lists of diseases with the list of your family diseases. In this way, you will ensure that your cover will span all diseases to which you have been predisposed.

Is private health insurance worth buying?

It will only pay out if you need to be seen by a specialist, urgently. 

If you do professional sports then private health insurance is often recommended as you have access to expert advice and surgeons. You still need to make sure that the policy that you are buying is covering your needs if any. 

In case of more than one claim per year, then you must rest assured that your private health insurance has paid itself out. 

All in all, it's a good extra and you can still use the NHS but it may be quicker to use it if needed to be seen in emergency. 

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