One week car insurance

One week car insurance is designed for frugal drivers in need of some short-term cover. It's the ideal compromise for those who are borrowing a friend's motor for a weekend break in the country, or looking to shake off the ring rust with some practice time after a couple of years away from the road. 


One thing you should keep in mind is that the option of short-term car insurance is not available on a vehicle that you permanently own - in other words, don't make the mistake of thinking you can keep your car sitting outside your house and throw a week's cover on it as and when you need to make a road trip.

It is ideally aimed at those with a friend or family member prepared to lend them their car for a few days (think people whose vehicle is temporarily out of action after a collision, or a teenager who can't afford their own wheels yet but needs to head up to a festival on a weekend).

Other than that, the same stipulations will apply across the board - that is to say that inexperienced drivers will be met with the same level of caution as they are for a twelve month package. Equally, if you have a history of accidents, it's probably going to set you back a pretty penny. 

Benefits of one week car insurance

You can enjoy all the benefits of a temporary car insurance, which are:

- Policies from 1 to 12 weeks length.

- Arrange for insurance up to 30 days ahead or with starting time in 15 minutes.

- Protection of your existing no claim bonus as if a claim happens, it is paid out by the insurer without contacting your regular insurance company.

- Third party cover for driving in Europe which can be extended.

Best providers

The big names like RAC are beginning to offer short-term packages but the general consensus is you're better off going to a company that specialises in temporary car insurance.

Temp Cover (
Available in both the UK and mainland Europe, Temp Cover appears to be aimed at jet-setting tourists in need of some wheels on their holidays. The upshot of that is you get yourself some pretty comprehensive cover, but they are understandably more discriminatory than others. If you have more than couple of points on your licence you might find it harder to secure a nice package.

Day Insure (
Day Insure are a little more open about who they do business with (even if you have a history of minor traffic infractions you should be OK). They also allow you to drive on the continent and offer packages covering up to 28 days if you're planning a long trip.

Insure Daily (
Insure Daily come highly scored by their users - particularly on ease of use and the absence of fuss. Do bear in mind, however, that they outright refuse to cover anyone under the age of 19, spotless license or not. 

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